Fairchild Park

Fairchild Park is centrally located within Harbour Landing and nestled right next to the elementary school. This park’s design is for children of all ages and includes a multi-purpose athletic field with portable soccer nets, a large playground and a pathway to the Creek. The park is complete with a full-size outdoor rink for the winter months and two basketball courts inside the rink for use during the summer months.

Fairchild Park also features a dinosaur-themed area. Saskatchewan is rich in dinosaur fossils, and frequent archeological digs are unearthing plenty of information about the animals that once inhabited this area. Here, at Fairchild Park, children can be archeologists as they discover replicas of dinosaur bones, footprints, and fossils of sh, ferns, and shells. In addition to the dig, rock-climbing adventures prove to be exciting and physically challenging as children of all ages scale the climbing ropes.

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