Today Harbour Landing is home to just under 14,000 residents and spans 780 acres of land. Complete with a variety of retail, office space, parks, and walking paths Harbour Landing is a complete community with all the amenities you desire nestled right in your neighbourhood.

The community has been built and designed with the environment, your home, and your family in mind. Throughout the process the landscaping, infrastructure, and green space has been planned to create a sustainable neighbourhood for you to put down roots.

Included throughout the community is 120 acres of park space and 16km of walking paths. The abundance of parks and paths together create a unique neighbourhood that will ensure you and your family are able to enjoy the outdoors year round.

Located conveniently in the south-west corner of the city, Harbour Landing is close to Regina’s main roads providing quick access to every area of the city. With close proximity to the Regina International Airport, downtown, and the University of Regina, Harbour Landing is perfectly situated near Regina’s most prominent destinations.

Harbour Landing is complete with a variety of housing options ensuring that you will find the perfect home for you and your family. With everything from large single family walk-out homes to apartment style condos – the variety of housing options is endless making Harbour Landing the perfect place to call home today and in the future.

The design

As Regina’s first master-planned community of a larger scale in almost 20 years, Harbour Landing incorporates the use of traditional planning and innovative practices throughout the community. Despite the fact that the character of a neighbourhood can take decades to unfold; Harbour Landing incorporates a variety of planned components that together evoke a sense of community both immediately and as the community continues to mature.

The community has been planned to provide ease of transportation for vehicles and pedestrians. The separate tree-lined boulevards, 16 km of pathways, and interconnected paths and parks, make Harbour Landing ideal for pedestrian traffic and commuting to your early morning meetings.

From luscious parks and open green spaces integrated throughout to close proximity to retail services and amenities, you can be sure that everything you need is right at your fingertips. Cleverly planned ease of access for transit, a variety of housing options, and interesting street-scapes engineered to withstand Regina’s climate, come together to create the vibrant community that Harbour Landing is today.

To download a map of the community click here.

Responsible Development

The main streets of Harbour Landing are lined with trees to enhance the heritage and romance of the community. The majority of the trees planted are Elm and Ash, and as they mature they will create a canopy over the streets, mimicking older areas of Regina. This also allows privacy and separation from motorists and pedestrians, providing comfort and safety to you and your family. Tree-lined boulevards also front many residential streets creating visually appealing streetscapes. In addition, the lawns are seeded with low maintenance grass allowing for easy street-front maintenance and guaranteeing you a little extra time to spend with your loved ones.

Harbour Landing has been designed for our climate, the environment, and your home. When extreme weather conditions hit, and large amounts of storm water collect; the parks, creek and streets have been designed to convey runoff to Wascana Creek. This forethought means your home, and subsequently other homes in Regina, are less likely to flood or receive water damage.

Naturalized landscape planted throughout Harbour Landing thrives in our Saskatchewan climate and provides a scenic view and suitable habitat for local birds and animals. This ensures a viable neighbourhood and gorgeous views for residents to enjoy for many years to come.

Naturalized landscaping

Storm water channels

Low maintenance boulevards

Tree lined streets