Frequently asked questions:

When I move into my new home how do I receive garbage and recycling bins?

When moving into your new home you will need to request the blue and brown bins for recycling and garbage pick-up. In order to request this you must first set up your water service with the City of Regina. Once you have your water account set up you can call the City of Regina to request the bins.

When I move into my new home how do I know what day garbage and recycling is picked up on?

For information on the City of Regina Blue Cart Recycling please visit
For information on the City of Regina garbage pickup days please visit

If you have any further questions please call the City of Regina.

Who do I contact if I have questions about snow removal in my neighbourhood?

Snow removal is completed by the City of Regina. If you have any questions or concerns about snow removal in your neighbourhood please contact the City of Regina or visit

Who do I contact if building materials are left on the street or sidewalk in my neighbourhood?

Dream Development in conjunction with our engineering consultant, Stantec, has worked hard to ensure that all construction sites are clean and tidy for visual appeal of the neighbourhood and respect of those living in the area. If you notice something that has been left unattended on the street, sidewalk, or your lot after you have moved in please contact Stantec.

Where am I allowed to park at my new home?

Each home is required to have been provided with two spots off the road to park vehicles. If your house has a lane the spots will be located in your back yard. If you do not have a lane your parking will be located in your front driveway/attached garage. In addition, City of Regina bylaws permit that local roads allow for one side of the road to be available for parking. Parking on both sides of a local street is not permitted to ensure adequate space for emergency vehicles to access homes. There will be “no parking” signs posted to inform you of this.

In the case where your home may be located on a collector or arterial street such as James Hill Road, Harbour Landing Drive, Gordon Road, Jim Cairns Blvd. or Parliament Ave., parking on both sides of the street may be permitted providing “no parking” signs are not present. If you have any concerns in regards to parking please contact the City of Regina.

If my street or alley is not paved and I am now living in my new home who should I contact?

Please contact Stantec if you are inquiring about an update or concerns about your street or alley being paved.

If my home backs a community fence am I able to change it?

All fencing is located on your property. You are the owner of it. However, an interest has been registered on title ensuring the fence can not be altered or removed.

If I would like to build a fence how do I know where I can build it?

Please contact a legal land surveyor and they will survey your land and provide you with this information.

If I live on a street with a separate boulevard (the space between the street and separate sidewalk) who is responsible to maintain the lawn?

If you have a separate boulevard with grass it is your civic duty to maintain the lawn on the boulevard in front of your property. In addition during the winter months it is your responsibility to remove the snow from the sidewalk in front of your home.

When looking at developing my yard is there anywhere I can go for advice on the types of plants to use and how to care for my yard?

For advice please visit

If I alter the grading on my property will it cause any problems?

Many lots have rear drainage towards a catch basis on your property or one of your neighbors. It is important that you do not alter your lot grading as that will cause drainage problems. If you have any questions in regards to grading please contact Dream Development.

Quick Contacts:

Below is a list of contacts for your convenience when moving into your new home.

City of Regina
Please contact the City of Regina for water, sewer, taxes, garbage and recycling services.

Canada Post
Please contact Canada Post to receive your mailbox information and keys.

Please contact SaskEnergy to have your account set up prior to moving in.

Please contact SaskPower to have your account set up prior to moving in.

Express address is a service available to help you in the transfer of your information during your move.

Dream Development
Dream Development is the developer of Harbour Landing. Please contact in regards to the items noted in the FAQ section.


Access Communications

Your home has been constructed to include infrastructure to access both SaskTel and Access’ networks.

Please contact Stantec as required in regards to the FAQ’s above.

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