It’s Time to Hit The Ground Running in Harbour Landing

With no more snow on the ground and the tree buds starting to sprout, it’s beginning to feel more and more like summer. At Dream agree that summer is our favourite season – and not just because of the sunshine and endless amounts of popsicles (although we wouldn’t turn one down) – but because it’s running season!

Since Harbour Landing is chalk full of different pathways, routes and roads, it’s a running lover’s dream. In fact, we’ve done the hard work for you and created four different Harbour Landing circuits, so that no matter if you’re walking or running, training for a marathon or walking the dog, you know the best routes. 

  • 3 km – Need to get back into the swing of running after taking a season off? Start things off on the right foot with a walk along Tutor Way, ending your route in Tutor Park. In the evening, you might even be able to catch a soccer game!
  • 5 km – Before meeting a friend for your morning coffee date, why not head down to Harbour Landing Creek? A fast-paced walk or jog along a section of the creek’s pathway is sure to make your caramel macchiato taste even more delicious.
  • 10 km – Test your need for speed! It only seems fitting to start your circuit at Norseman Park – home to Harbour Landing’s skatepark– and continue north along James Hill Road. If you’re walking, be sure to check out all the aviation inspired street names.
  • 15 km – Take your run to the next level with a complete tour of the Harbour Landing community. Stretch it out in Canuck Park, take the scenic route along the creek’s pathway and cross the finish line with a cool down at McKenna Park.

Take one of the circuits for a test spin and let us know what you think! If you discover another Harbour Landing circuit, be sure to share it with the rest of the running community so everyone can explore Harbour Landing’s pathways!

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