Science In The Park

We are happy to be bringing the ever popular Science In The Park back for summer! Who said learning can’t be fun? Our friends at the Science Centre will be providing a handful of fun & educational activities for all the kids in McKenna Park on August 16th from 6:00-8:00pm (with a stage show at 7:00pm)! Bring the family out for some summer science fun!

Make and Take: Bee Buzzers

Nature is full of animals and their sounds. Explore what it takes to create an instrument that can mimic the sounds of a bee.

Stage Show: Cryogenics (7:00pm)

Find out about the solids, liquids, and gases that make up our world while we look at the effects of very cold temperatures on matter in all of its state with the help of liquid nitrogen. A truly chilling demonstration!


Please visit the Facebook event page for more info! See you there!

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